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drakensbergHiking sMind on Manzana
by intrepid - 07 January 2015
An enjoyable weekend trail unlocks the treasures of Manzana and offers fresh views and insights into the Mnweni. The trail is named after Milliot as his memory lives on there, and should you enquire among the locals, you may find someone who can relate the story of the prophet.

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Red Mystique by saros, winner of Essence Of The Dragon Q2, 2016
  red mystique 20160613 1716723719
camera Essence Of The Dragon is a quarterly photo competition featuring images of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains - showcasing their splendour & unique character, towards better recognition of their worth & enhanced enjoyment of those who explore them. The theme for the current quarter is Peak Perspectives: Giant's Castle.

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Vertical Endeavour is a community-driven website featuring mountains, with a special emphasis on the Maloti-Drakensberg Region.