Schedule and progress for Essence of The Dragon 2018.

Schedule and progress for Essence of The Dragon 2017.

Schedule and progress for Essence of The Dragon 2016.

Showcase of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains

Essence Of The Dragon is a photo competition hosted by Vertical Endeavour featuring images of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains - showcasing their splendour & unique character, towards better recognition of their worth & enhanced enjoyment of those who explore them.

These are the governing rules for Essence Of The Dragon:

For years I wanted to try rock climbing; and over a decade ago, I finally took the leap by booking a “lesson-for-two” at a local indoor gym. Finding a partner presented an unexpected challenge when everyone threw me excuses: “I’m afraid of heights”, “I’m weak”, “I have kids!”, and the ever-popular, “I want to live!” But providence prevailed and I stumbled upon an equally enthusiastic co-conspirator – a teammate, and soon-to-be friend.

Vertical-endeavor has a vision.  What’s our vision?  To see people pursuing their dreams - big or small!  We are also excited to highlight those adventurers who are out to change the world, because we believe in you and the power of your dreams!

What date is burned into your memory?

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Karen Hauptfleisch, the founder of SOAPkidz, is about to become the first South African to visit the highest mountain in each of the Southern African countries.

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