More on a historical note, the delightful Poacher's Cave and Leopard Cave in the Ndedema Gorge of the Cathedral Peak area, were closed to hikers at the end of 2007.

The Ifidi escarpment is a credit to the grandeur of the High Berg. But some confusion exists around Ifidi Cave. Of the numerous caves, or rock shelters, which are situated around the top of Ifidi Pass, which is the one marked on the maps? This article explores the various caves in the area.

Many hikers can relate how difficult it can be to locate a cave in the Drakensberg sometimes. Having a tested GPS co-ordinate for the cave you are heading to is very reassuring -  assuming you know how to navigate with it. The use of a GPS can no longer seen as a high-tech toy. Rather it has become highly valuable in increasing the safety and quality of a trip to the Berg. A list of GPS waypoints for Drakensberg caves in the KwaZulu-Natal section is hereby provided.

A delight to many hikers is the comfort and shelter of a good cave in the Berg, especially in bad weather. Caves are one of the things that make overnight hiking a special experience. There many in the Berg, not all are marked on the maps, and these in parrticular are a joy to find. Not all are good shelter, some are difficult to find whilst others are far from water, especially in the dry season. Yet all are useful and always seem to be a landmark on any trip.