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Everything to do with the Drakensberg region within South Africa, including the general escarpment.
Everything relating to the activity of hiking in the Drakensberg, except Passes, Grand Traverse & Trip Reports.
Everything relating to climbing & scrambling routes in the Drakensberg whether it be on rock, ice or vegetation. The route should be grade C or higher.
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Re: Rhino Peak: The East ridge
by grae22
18 Dec 2018 13:19
Everything relating to the activity of trail running in the Drakensberg, except topics specific to trail conditions, water availability, passes, the Grand Traverse etc., which can be addressed in the other categories. Adventure racing on various modes of transport can also be included here.
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Re: Mnweni Marathon
by Grandeur
06 Feb 2019 12:26
A dedicated section for topics relating to the Drakensberg Grand Traverse (DGT).
All about Drakensberg peaks and summits, except specific climbing routes which should go under the Climbing section.
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Re: Sterkhorn
by Adder Dodger
15 Sep 2018 15:57
All aspects of passes in the Drakensberg, including hiking.
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Re: ka-Ntuba Pass
by diverian
19 Feb 2019 15:27
Everything to do with caves in the Drakensberg, including approach routes.
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Re: Easter cave to twins cave
by Riaang
12 Feb 2019 10:42
Everything to do with huts in the Drakensberg.
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Re: Bannerman Hut
by WarrenM
21 Jan 2019 10:18
Environmental topics, geology, conservation, fauna & flaura, rock art.
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Re: The Pine Tree Project
by Papa Dragon
10 Feb 2019 21:15
Dedicated to security issues in the Drakensberg.
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Re: Berg Alert 2019
by GetaPix
20 Feb 2019 11:27

Drakensberg Trips 178 topics

Specifically for personal accounts & write-ups on trips done to the Drakensberg.
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Re: Mini Hike Reports
by elinda
19 Feb 2019 17:56
Any topic on the Drakensberg that does not fit into the other categories.
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Re: Cobham Contact Details
by Clark
21 Feb 2019 09:57
Quarterly photo competition featuring images of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains - showcasing their splendour & unique character, towards better recognition of their worth & enhanced enjoyment of those who explore them.
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