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ghaznavid wrote:

Stijn wrote: Another GT?? Seriously, dude, there are so many wild, remote, spectacular mountain ranges in this country - get out there and explore a bit! :thumbsup:

I take your point, but the logic is as follows - I have a rule: you can't abandon a goal because you find it is too difficult or don't get it on the first few tries.

I have set myself a goal of doing a GT sub 4 days, and two tries later (my 127h GT was always going to be a 6 day, so it doesn't count), I still don't have this. It will be harder to get back into speed GT mode after I get out of it, so it makes sense to push for it now.

Non-Berg SA peaks on my short-term to-do list:
- Kompasberg
- Seweweekspoort Peak
- Du Toits Peak
- Table Mountain, Lions Head and Devil's Peak on the same day (no cable cars allowed)
- Mount Gilboa and Inhlosane are long overdue, being within an hours drive of where I live

Open to recommendations on worthwhile routes. A day-hike of the Otter Trail sounds fun.

I will gladly provide input /show you around on Table Mountain routes if you are ever in this neck of woods. The 3 Peaks is an obvious one to tick off but there are many weird and wonderful and well-graded routes to choose from. Even for 3 Peaks you should be able to piece together something a bit more spicy than the dreaded up/down times 3 on the main tourist carriageways
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I can recommend the spectacular Ledges route from Devil's Peak to Maclear's Beacon, but take care: the route is not always obvious (there is a variation to the right which cannot be done without climbing gear, I believe), and the normal route ends in a short rock-climb where a fall could be fatal. It's advisable to go with someone who knows the route.
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22 Feb 2017 19:11 - 23 Feb 2017 08:29 #70985 by ghaznavid
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Update: as it turns out, our source of info that the north middle pass exists has not personally done the pass, but confirmed the existence by peering up and down the gullies from bottom and top respectively. He did mention that there had been a rock fall on it, so it may have gone once, but not any more.

I would suggest that this pass should either be removed from the passes list, or given a large bold red warning that it is rock-technical and should be avoided by all but the very experienced (i.e. hopefully someone with experience won't push on if it is too dangerous to continue).

Further update: Paul Roth and Murray Sanders did this route a few years back, Paul rates the chockstone an E-grade climb, and recommends roping it. He has also suggested that the route should not be attempted without a helmet. He classifies it as not being a hiking route.
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For the purposes of completeness - now that I have done all 4 gullies, here's a summary of them:

Gully north of the Knuckles: the easiest of the passes. From this summit to the top of the North Knuckle is fairly far with a lot of vertical. Make sure you are in the right gully if you are descending.
Gully between north and middle: technical rock climbing route, not a pass.
Gully between middle and south: the hardest of the passes. A very steep grass gully with a fair amount of scree/boulders.
Gully south of the Knuckles: a fairly gentle grass gully, the bottom has a bad washaway that is not too pleasant and requires a bit of scrambling and some loose ground. Be careful of the side gullies, there are large overhanging cliffs where they join the main gully.

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