Cave Reservations Etiquette

20 Nov 2018 09:42 - 20 Nov 2018 09:53 #74241 by Douglas de Jager
Thanks for your replies.

I have experience of not being able to book caves because I was told there was already a booking.

Thanks for the links to the other threads. There is a lot of talk of having the "receipt" to prove your booking of the cave. Any idea how one can get a receipt when bookings are made over the phone? I am not aware of another system of booking. I asked KZN Wildlife 2 months ago if there was any way I could get proof of my booking - their answer was "no".

Kind regards
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20 Nov 2018 15:25 #74249 by tonymarshall
When you pay for the hike at reception just before you leave, you get a receipt. Ask them to note on this that you have booked the cave.

If you pay in full in advance, they can make a note on the piece of the register you tear off to take with you, and put the stamp on it to make it official.

It is normal practice once someone has booked a cave, no matter how small the group and how big the cave, that you have booked that cave, and no one else can book the cave because as has been noted above, you just get told that the cave is already booked.

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20 Nov 2018 18:54 #74251 by Papa Dragon
Agree with Tony et al..

We were the "loggers" at Stable Cave on Friday night. VE Pine Project/Pine Busters/MCSA  volunteer pine eradication group.
The cave had been booked for Friday and Saturday night..
Got to Stable on Friday morning, dropped most of our kit, and went out to the work site. When we came back on the path on the hill above Stable, we saw 4 hikers on the bottom path on the way to Stable Cave. When we got there, I asked the guides if they had booked, and the main guy said yes, but I am sure they had not.

We didn't have a problem sharing with them however, our splinter group was away in Eagle Cave, and they stayed up at the top at the Stable part..
As Macc said, the American tourists came down and had a chat with us, which was very pleasant. Quite later in the evening, the 2 guides were talking very loudly amongst themselves in Zulu, didn't really bug me, and I don't think any of the others. If it bugged the clients, that's for them to sort out with their hosts.

Bottom line, if they had tried to book the cave, they would have been told that it was already booked out. Makes me wonder if they even paid their overnight hiking fee..
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