Transport in and around the Drakensberg

06 Sep 2023 10:56 #78705 by Riaang
Hi Savana,

Welcome to VE!

I've never had a problem with leaving my care there before, neither do I know of anyone that has suffered loss at this location. As far as I know, there is no cost other than the overnight fee, so parking the car at Sentinel car park for an overnight hike is effectively free. At least, that's how it has always been, maybe somebody can advise if it has changed recently?

You could also probably leave your car at Witsieshoek Mountain resort, which is about 5km's from Sentinel car park (i.e. further away).

Note that the road to Sentinel car park from Witsieshoek can be bad at times, best undertaken in a vehicle with a bit of clearance. I have driven a Ford Ecosport up there once. The owner of the car managed to burn his clutch in the first 100m and asked me to drive it up. I have lots of 4x4 driving experience and managed to get it up without damaging the car (by the grace of God I have to add!). The lodge does offer a shuttle service to Sentinel car park, which solves the ground clearance problem.

Enjoy your hike!!!
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