Snow Watch 2010

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Summary of major snowfalls for 2010. Minor ones may go undetected or unreported.

1. June 9-10 all high lying areas
2. June 15 particularly in Southern Berg
3. July 12: whole Drakensberg range, not much in Lesotho
4. August 19: whole Drakensberg range, not much in Lesotho
5. October 16: Natal Drakensberg, Oxbow/Afriski, Central Range
6. November 9 -10: Natal Drakensberg and adjacent high ridges of Lesotho
7. December 13: mostly northern parts of Lesotho's interior, Afriski, Bokong etc

2010 snow/winter season was characterised by a late first snowfall, very cold temperatures in June, a dry winter (not great ice climbing and water shortages throughout the region), and late snowfalls in November and December.

This thread is now closed for new reports, but any additional info, comments and pictures for 2010 are always welcome.

Snow Watch 2011 can be found here .

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