Who is doing or has done the Grand Traverse

06 Mar 2024 21:55 #78919 by Drakie1
Yes, our plans are in place except that we will be starting from Sentinel the morning of 10th April and not the 11th as originally posted.

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15 Mar 2024 16:49 #78935 by M1k3
Hi there !

I'm happy to say that, finally, I'm going for a GT this year.

With a friend, we will start from Witsieshoek on the 17th of April, and, with 13 days ahead, we would love to find some side trails connecting together, so we can extend a bit our traverse.

I still dont have much ideas, but as we'll be able to cover 20-25km per day, I'm open to any suggestion you may have :) 

Cheers, and thanks for this amazing forum, really helpful !

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16 Mar 2024 02:42 - 16 Mar 2024 02:56 #78936 by aralvor
im an experienced hiker from France and hoping to do the GDT for  7-8 days 
im going solo but reading about the various security issues - which seem rare but nonetheless exist
ill be in SA and not far from drakensberg around the 26 to 29 of march, but can start later if needed
please contact me if you're thinking about doing it around that time!

edit : actually most likely doing the "mini traverse" eg the 60ish km hike. 
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25 May 2024 20:05 - 25 May 2024 20:06 #79106 by supertramp
Hi there,

My wife and I are gearing up for a North-to-South unsupported Drakensberg Traverse this December, and we’re looking for 2-4 adventurous souls to join us!

The Plan:
  • Dates: 16th to 27th December (12 days)
  • Route: Following the scenic escarpment edge (not the inland route). We're not aiming to tag all the compulsory GT peaks but will include Cleft Peak, Mafadi, Thabana Ntlenyana
  • Destination: Sani in 8 days, with a rest night, then extending into Sehlabathebe National Park via Devil’s Knuckles and wrapping up with a sleepover in Tarn Cave. Finish at Bushman's Neck
  • Transport: Drive down from MPU, leave cars at Bushman's Neck, taxi to Witsieshoek on the 15th, overnight at Witsieshoek Backpackers, and start hiking from Sentinel Carpark on the 16th.
  • Support: No resupply – carrying everything we need (yes, that means lugging around all those 'essentials' we convince ourselves we need).
  • Training: Planning 1-2 training hikes in the Berg together beforehand to get into the collective groove
What We’re Looking For:
  • Strong hikers familiar with the Drakensberg escarpment terrain.
  • Experience with heavy backpacks (or a high pain threshold

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  • A sense of humor and love for mountain madness is a must! 
We are experienced Drakensberg hikers and this will be our 4th December Traverse. If you’re up for the challenge, don’t mind a bit of suffering for some epic views, and can handle the occasional existential crisis on a cliff edge, drop me a message!

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