DGT Logistics help - info needed

18 Jul 2023 16:24 - 18 Jul 2023 16:27 #78591 by afishler

Well...a forum :) I thought this has long been put into history but nice to see this still exists and not replaced by an FB group or so. 
With that, finding the info seems pretty difficult as some of the posts here have not been updated recently and it is scattered around. Looking on FB as well resulted in nothing for me so trying my luck here with few simple questions. Sorry if this is the wrong way or wrong topic...not sure how to go about this otherwise.
I am planning a solo DGT hike in 10 days I believe.

1. If I need to choose between November or March to hike the DGT solo, what would be the better of these two months?
2. What are the contacts to arrange the transportation from the nearest point to the trailhead and from the trail finish out?
3. Most important probably - how do I arrange a resupply package in the middle of the trail, probably one will do....around Sani pass? How is it executed? I found a list of guides that seem to be contact points, is this the best option? Are there other options?

Thanks for any pointed help.
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18 Jul 2023 19:50 #78593 by kevinw
March has less rain than november. Both may have rain.
March is cooler than November. Both may have 0 degrees maybe even less.

head vs end:
note you can start at either bushmansnek or sentinel. Traditional start is sentinel.
for both private taxi is best contact.
witsies hoek mountain lodge has contact for reliable taxi. It changes from time to time. People move on.

current going cost is R3,400 with William.+27 81 707 1491 per trip.
drive to one end (I.e. end) then ask taxi to transport you to start. Caravan park at bushmansnek is trustworthy I have not heard of problems. Maybe silver stream caravan park cannot remember.

greyhound works in bushmansnek but I could not find the pickup points.

typically 1kg per day but it may vary from person to person. On 10 days then drop off sounds required.
but maybe you are very strong and maybe you biffy.
ask Sani Lodge Backpackers to provide drop off instruction.
s for halfway sanipass drop off.
guides are great option. 
this is done too little and far between to show best way.
most circumstances are unique few groups have commonalities.
most groups have sponsors and friends and family that care to provide assistance.
maybe more than 50% are paid for YouTube will show most paid for ones there are a few a year and Google also shows the paid for ones.

best is to chop for 8 days with no drop off.  But then you loose sightseeing opportunity that you may never get to see again. Try to see what you want most out of it.
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18 Jul 2023 22:47 #78597 by afishler
Thanks for the detailed reply. Appreciated. Although a trail runner, I am not into speed. But can push a little more than regular. I am not that strong and don't carry heavy packs so I really want to arrange that drop off somehow 

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19 Jul 2023 19:10 #78599 by Wandelaar
Just a tip: Not sure whether you've done a GT before, but if you haven't, this forum has a wealth of very important, potentially lifesaving, information on doing GT's. 

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