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This is the place for all updates, incidents and observations relating to security issues in the Drakensberg in 2018.

The kind of thing which should be reported here:
* new incidents of theft, mugging or any kind of verbal or physical intimidation (whether it is experienced first-hand, seen in the media, or heard through the grape vine)
* new observations of the activities of shepherds, smugglers and other parties, especially as it concerns the safety of hikers and climbers.
* any other snippet of information or comment about the current state of affairs relating to security.

The purpose of this thread is to maintain a true picture of what is happening in the Berg currently, to keep a concerned Berg community informed, and to create a healthy awareness of security issues which will help others avoid problems. It is not the intention to create a media hype or undue negative publicity for the Berg, nor to harm tourism in the area, and definitely not to create prejudice against the Basotho and other locals living there.

Historical threads:
* Berg Alert 2010
* Berg Alert 2011
* Berg Alert 2012
* Berg Alert 2013
* Berg Alert 2014
* Berg Alert 2015
* Berg Alert 2016
* Berg Alert 2017

General Security Precautions

Current areas of concern
Amphitheatre: The odd incident of bags and tents being raided when camping in the main valley around the Tugela river, see this thread for suggestions on other camping areas.
There was a nasty incident in the Khubedu Valley where it passes Icidi pass in 2016 which resulted in the this discussion.

Rhino Peak / Mashai Pass: There have been a few reports of intimidation and rock throwing by shepherds.

Hodgesons / Masubasuba Pass / Sani: There was a mugging in 2015 on the pass, and apparently various cases of tourists being pestered around the top of Sani Pass. See Berg Alert 2015 for more details.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.
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