The Mt Aux Sources - Amphitheatre - Tugela thread

18 Jul 2018 12:12 #73693 by WarrenM
Thanks for the post Vivo

Seeing that you were there could I ask what the progress/status is with the Chain ladder? Have they been replaced or not as yet, have they been removed?

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19 Jul 2018 12:26 #73695 by vivo101
The chain ladders are still there and I could not see any indication that they started working on them. There is a big board stating that the chain ladders are closed, situated at the split by the gully, but this is largely ignored by most hikers is seems. 
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18 Nov 2018 20:37 #74214 by Fuwaad
Hi there.

i am planning on doing a hike this weekend starting from Friday - Sunday. Can you guys recommend anything. I’m not sure about routes as such but initially thought that I climb to the tugela on Friday. Camp the night, then the next day hike as close to devils tooth as I can and back to the tugela, then on Sunday walk down to witsieshoek.

there is only 2 of us so concerned about safety as well. 

I have also thought about the mnweni hike from Mcc to mnweni pass and back again but I don’t know the route and can’t afford a guide. 

Is the ampi hike worth it or not?


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21 Nov 2018 00:25 #74254 by intrepid
Yes, I would say the Amphitheatre is a classic part of the Berg and something that every Berg hiker should explore. I don't recommend overnight camping there currently however because the long-standing theft issues, which have seen a trend towards actual attacks and harassment in recent times. These do not happen frequently compared to other crime in SA, and it is debated whether people should or should not camp there. Some do, others don't. If you are reasonably hiking fit you can cover that ground as a day hike. Day hiking is safer than staying overnight. There is a lot of info on security on the site, have a look through. This post has a map indicating the problem areas in the Northern Berg.

Use the seach box on the right to look up things like "2 day hikes", "3 day hikes", "overnight hikes" and "weekend hikes" - you may find some useful ideas there.

As a note to readers in general, there are a lot of hike ideas and suggestions spread across the forum under various topics. I will look at trying to group these together more into region and day-itinerary length. So in other words we will have a thread for day hikes at Cathedral Peak, another for 2 day hike options in the same area and another for 3 day hike options (perhaps not broken down that much for every area, but certainly for the bigger and popular areas). There is also a totally new section for the site in the pipeline which could be used to make this information and the forum links easier to find. You can help in 2 ways: 1) when positing questions, always look at existing threads and if your question is relevant to the topic, post it there. 2) I welcome content that others may want to put together such as your own article on "Best overnight hiking options" or "Good beginner hikes in the Berg", which can be in addition to the official thread on these. You can see what I have been putting together in shorter FAQ format here as another example. This will also tie in to the new section that will be released.

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21 Nov 2018 22:53 #74260 by Fuwaad
Thanks Intrepid. 

This site is full of good information. I have learnt quite a bit these past few days by being on this site and forum. I feel like I am a lot more prepared in terms of the hike this coming weekend. Actually made up my mind with regards to the destination on the weekend hike. Monks cowl to vultures retreat if all goes well, obviously based on various reasons. Looking forward to it.

Thanks again. 

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02 Dec 2018 00:25 - 02 Dec 2018 00:33 #74305 by Dudley
Might anyone be heading up that-away next weekend (December 7-9)?
I'll be heading up and hoping to see some folks up there.
The moon will be new on the 7th and waxing to <1% on the 8th... The stars will be amazing if there is no weather... Looks like rain by the 7th but that might change (nothing concrete for after that yet).

I'm thinking
Night 1 Ifidi Cave or Camp at ribbon falls if time does not allow.
Night 2 Crows Nest Cave or camp somewhere in the Amphi area, probable beacon buttress.
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05 Dec 2018 13:33 #74326 by Freddie
We're a party of four heading up on Satuday morning. Two inexperienced hikers, so we will most probably camp close to the Tugela on the amphi. Would have loved to overnight in Ifidi, but I fear the distance will be too great for the two hikers. Weather isn't looking all that great at the moment though...

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