Route options - Giant Castle area

12 Oct 2021 23:37 #77196 by TheRealDave
Hi Carl. Hopefully someone will respond more fully, but briefly:

1. The contour path from Giant's Pass to Langalibalele, judging from the bits I have done, seems in pretty good shape, and the streambeds and cutbacks aren't deep or steep, so there shouldn't be too much bundu. Note that the whole area was recently extensively burnt, so the path should be easy to follow through the streambeds, though the bush might have grown back by December.

2. You have probably read about the recent incident at the top of Giant's Pass, and, yes, Elandshoek is known as a smugglers' pass, so caution would be advisable.

3. Giant's Pass might be a little easier: the approach is straightforward, and there is no exposure or scrambling.
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