Camp Spots near Cathedral Peak and water supply

15 May 2024 12:27 #79092 by TheRealDave
In April 2021 by the flat spot before the ascent to Cathedral Peak we encountered several locals with dogs who were hunting buck. They had come up from the Mnweni. There was also that fire incident at night near Orange Peel Gap some years ago, resulting in a hiker falling to his death. The party believed the fire was lit on purpose.

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15 May 2024 13:08 - 15 May 2024 13:10 #79093 by tiska
Regarding the fire incident on Cathedral Peak in Sept 2010 - there is the sense from Gavin R who was involved in the aftermath that the event might have been started accidentally by a member of the hiking party:
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Received this in an email from my Hiking Club this morning:

Gavin Raubenheimer sent this report to the MBC about an unfortunate accident, which i think should be a reminder to us not to light fires in the berg for any reason especially this time of year:

On Sunday the Mountain Club and SAPS had a long and difficult body
recovery off the south side of Bugger Gully at Cathedral. The victim
was a 23 male from Gauteng. Part of a party of 6. They were camping
just a few meters from the edge of the gully on some flat areas near
to the top. It seems that late on Saturday night the victim or somone
else went out to go to the toilet. Then lit the toilet paper and a
veld fire started. There was panic and in the end the tents all burned
and the 23 year old was missing. It seemed that he had run from the
fire towards his tent and did not see the little cutback in the edge.
He went down about 80m vertical then tumbled another 80 meters down
the valley. The fire went down the hillside and then burned the body.

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