Corner Pass / Judge Pass, Mafadi, Leslie's Pass Loop

26 Feb 2020 19:55 - 27 Feb 2020 07:36 #75726 by swordfish
Having done this loop recently in December my experience vary slightly. The weather was very good but the rocks everywhere were very wet and slippery. In these conditions I found climbing the rock band of the NHA (Northern High Approach) to Corner Pass, the most dangerous and tricky scramble. The last section of the rock band was extremely slippery and there is no stop if you fall. It has good steps in the rock and if dry, it wouldn't be much of a problem. Also inside Corner Pass, the lowest scramble at the chockstone wasn't a problem. It was dry and didn't even have to take the backpacks off. However, the last scramble was very wet and slippery and even passing up the backpacks and climbing without them makes you feel on the edge of slipping down. It's not too bad and exposed but just have to be very careful and make sure you have a good grip at each step.
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