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TTCollins wrote: The Isicatula pass is an easy way off Walker's ridge; but it descends WESTWARDS into Lesotho, not KZN as one would hope after a heavy hike! The head of the pass is where a prominent dolerite dyke begins; one actually descends alongside the dyke as though it were a great handrail or ballustrade. One either leaves the Isicatula gulley lower down, contour to the head of Saddle nek then bundu-bash down to the Bushmans stream; or follow the Isicatula gulley all the way down to the base of Thaba Ngwangwa which one circumnavigates on its western aspect, to either reach the head of Bushman's Pass, or across to Thamathu Pass. Hope this makes sense. (It was so named after the soles of a commando soldier's boots came adrift when recce'ing the area as possible "terrorist attack route"!!)

Quoted from the ´╗┐Across the Dragon's Back in Six Days thread


ghaznavid wrote:
From Thaba Ngwangwe

Quoted from the Andre's Knob thread. Isicatula Pass is the obvious gully to the left of the photo - the groove between the sunny and shaded slopes.

GPS data

Downloadable GPS track

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From the top of Saddle Nek Pass we approached Isicatula Pass on a higher level which took us into Isicatula towards the top. We used this route to go to Corn Cob Cave.

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