Knuckles Pass (Middle Knuckle, South Gully)

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This is the official thread for Knuckles Pass (Middle Knuckle, South Gully), which is the route marked as 4 in the picture below:

This the pass marked as E60 on the Geomaps. The reasoning behind the naming convention used above is explained in post #74561 (and the subsequent 2 posts following that one) in a related thread on one of the other Knuckles Passes.

The pass can be approached from Tarn Cave and an established track will lead you to the base of it. The pass itself does not have a path but it is relatively uncomplicated. It starts off grassy and this becomes increasingly interspersed with boulders as you near the top.

Unlike many other passes that cross the escarpment, this one is a "perfect" pass in that it descends sharply into Lesotho on the other side.

GPS track available for download (track incorporates both sides of the pass).

Members are encouraged to add more detail and photos.

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