Ngwangwane Pass / Bushman's Pass

28 Apr 2019 21:17 - 28 Apr 2019 21:18 #74954 by intrepid
This is the official thread for Ngwangwane Pass / Bushman's Pass in the Bushman's Neck area.

It is labelled as Ngwangwane Pass on Slingsby's map and as "Bushman's Pass (Ngwangwane Pass)" on the Geomaps. I am not sure on the history of the names but the pass may have been renamed after the Bushman's River which defines the route.

The summit of the pass is broad, grassy, and not clearly defined, which is the case with a few other passes at Bushman's Neck too. The walk up the Bushman's River valley is straightforward and is trailed up until Bushman's Cave, where there is also a good water supply. The summit is quickly and easily gained beyond the cave, but there is no clearly defined trail.

Relatively easy terrain and route-finding beyond the cave:

GPS track available for download .

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