Walker's Pass - Ridge Route

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Excerpt from Smurfatefrog's Walkers Ridge Pass and Thamathu Pass Hike Report

The first 4km were along the Giant's Cup trail heading towards Garden Castle, before breaking off towards Walkers ridge

This is where we left the trail, the Whytes Cave valley is on the right. Note the wind on my jacket

There were stops at Painters Cave and White Horse Cave before having lunch at Whytes Cave. This route was a bit of a detour but we were keen to see this area. A big thanks to Elinda for her help with this in the last couple weeks!

Painters Cave

Whytes Cave. The GPS co-ords for this cave are about 350m out, correct co-ords: -29.792753 29.185926

After lunch we headed up the valley before contouring to the south to join the ridge route again, this gave us our first view of Walkers Ridge Pass. Rough route marked in yellow

The only real scramble on the pass, I'm not sure its necessary though, it seemed to be possible to continue around this and head up an easier spot in the rock band. Although a fairly easy scramble, the gale force winds coming at us from the right made it a little heart stopping.

We contoured along here before crossing over to the south side via the low point on the left

This is where you cross over to the south side

The lower gully from Mzimude Pass with a 2 man cave

The route after crossing over to the south side

Almost there! One of the small caves ahead, and the top of the pass. The main Corn Cob Cave is around to the right

This was an 18km day, but felt quite a bit longer due to hiking into strong wind most of the day!

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.
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