Hlubi Pass North

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AndrewP wrote: The Hlubi passes lie midway between Langalibalele Pass and The Thumb. They top out 55m from each other and by the time the rivers cross the contour path, they are only 140m apart. Yet, 2 independent passes exist. The obvious approach is via the Langalibalele ridge as far as the contour path.

North Hlubi
The top portion of the pass is badly eroded at present thanks to grazing.  The actual entrance is slightly south of the main gully which is protected by a short cliff. This gully has a few waterfalls in it, but they are easily dodged via grass slopes to the side. Most can be dodged on either side and it always seemed obvious which way to go.

The long approach slope between the contour path and steep section is easy going. Grassy with no rocks, so you can run downhill at a merry

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