Ka Masihlenga Pass

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From the Hlatimba Pass South thread

elinda wrote: We got to the top of Ka Mashilenga just before 11.00am and found it to be very daunting and covered in a thick
layer of snow that extended some 100 metres down into the gully.

We spent some time weighing up our options as the snow was very steep
and hard and extremely slippery. In the end our leader opted to bum
slide down very slowly, using walking poles and digging in his heels.
The rest of us found a way down the steep grassy slopes on the side
which necessitated careful placing of your feet before dropping down
into the gully and avoiding most of the snow. Our leader arrived safely
at the same time, although with a very frozen posterior……….

We proceeded downwards and kept to the grassy banks on the right hand
side. We found vague traces of a path here and there but mostly had to
find our own way. Further on we had to get down another snow filled
gully which again necessitated careful negotiation and took quite a lot
of time. A few anxious moments!

This pass is very long and just never seemed to end.

We were fortunate though that the grass had recently been burnt so it
was relatively easy to walk through although we did have to go through
quite a few messy patches above Yellow wood Cave which slowed us up a
bit. We reached Yellowwood at 3.00pm and then it was the slog down to
the office which we reached at 4.30pm. Two hard days and I have the
sore muscles today to prove it. Nonetheless an interesting hike,
although I can see why not many people do Ka Mashilenga!

From the Mini Hike Reports thread

ghaznavid wrote:


Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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