Up Ifidi down Fangs: Light and Fast

23 Jun 2012 07:28 #54505 by tonymarshall
Hi Jacques,

See the topics 'Fangs to Ifidi...or vice versa' and 'Ifidi Pass' for some pictures and write ups. (sorry, don't know how to do the quick link thing)

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30 Jun 2012 14:47 #54562 by MountainGoat
Thanx guys.

@ Waldorph: I'm pretty sure I can make it, but in 1 day... I can do Fangs from the cultural centre in a day, but I'm prety wasted when I get to the top :sick: or should I put it that I "don't make" it to the top as there's a little nooky cave that can fit only 2 people just 300m from the top, but is a super nice little place to crash & recharge.

@tonym: I'll check it out thanx.

Ifidi is definitely on my list & Icidi too, just heard these are pretty wild passes to do.

Only done:
& Ntonjelana in the Mweni area.

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27 May 2013 17:14 - 27 May 2013 17:19 #57075 by anthony
So here's the story!

One year later,and it is time to give this route another go; I have unfinished business on Ifidi pass!
The plan is to go up Ifidi and across to the Chain ladders and down to the Sentinal car park in a weekend.

We arrived at Mweni cultural center on Friday night, had a cup of coffee and headed off to bed for a good nights rest as we had a long day ahead of us on Saturady.

On Saturday morning we got a lift across the new bridge that crosses the Mweni river so that saves walking the road.
We started walking at 6.30am keeping a good pace, we reach Cycad cave at 8.30am and headed down to the river and decided to take a breather before heading up the pass proper.
Heading up the left hand grass bank, is a lot easier than last year as it seems to be well walked this year, we drop down into the river and start the boulder hopping.

We made the decision to stay in the river climbing all the obsticals(house size boulders), this seemed to be the faster option only leaving the river for a very short section up the right hand side, just where the pass splits under the two pinnicals as the river seemed to be a bit overgrown as we dont like bushwacking.

When we got into the gully it was quite wet and even a little stream was flowing, it must have been all the melt water from the snow the previous week, it meant that one just had to take a little extra care not to slip, the choke stones were a little challenge as they were very wet with water running down them, the uper reaches of the pass still had a little snow and ice, so caution again.
We topped out at 13.00pm well ahead of schedule to a brilliant day on the berg for lunch.

After lunch we decided to head for the hut above Tugela falls on top of the Amphitheater, and there was still a lot of snow on the south facing slopes, we arived at the hut at 15.30 as the last of the day visitors to the falls were returning to the Sentinal car park.
So the decision, do we carry on down the chain ladders to Witsieshoek for a nice cosy bed and a good meal or stay at the hut and have Backcounty?
You guessed it, we did not carry all that gear up for nothing, we stayed at the hut and enjoyed the silence and the views with perfect weather, and went down the chain ladders to the Sentinal car park on Sunday to have a Mugg and Bean breakfast in Harrismith.

The conclusion is; this walk can be done as an epic day hike from the Mweni cultural center to the Sentinal car park in a day especially if you only have a day pack and trail running shoes.

Congratulations to my 15 year old son Taygen who accompanied myself and Warren, and thank you to the back up team ~ no more unfinished buisness.
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