Keith Bush Camp - Gray's Pass - Vulture's Retreat - Champagne Castle hike

01 Dec 2018 07:39 #74299 by tonymarshall
Glad you had some positive experiences and learning to take from a hike that must have been a bit of a disappointment Fuwaad.

I consider it quite unusual (but not impossible) for there not to be water at the stream at KBC in November. I would believe that that virtually permanent water there is part of the reason for the hut that has since been demolished being built at KBC. Although the river bed right at the camp is usually dry, with what little water there may be flowing beneath the sand, a bit upstream of the camp there is a low rock band in the river bed with a trickle that fills a pool there, and provides water usually all year round except at very dry times. Did you look a bit upstream for this pool Fuwaad?

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01 Dec 2018 17:30 - 07 Dec 2018 10:29 #74300 by andrew r

I was abit disappointed with a few things around KBC and the General Hike toward that area.

AT KBC, there were some hikers who took a dump at the campsite and just left their toilet rolls laying around as well as a alot of dirt. At the end of our trip, we picked up the dirt and brought it back.

Another issue which has the potential to be devastating are camp fires. Not specifically at  KBC but close to the rivers. You can see that a camp were set up on 3 points and campfires were made  under low lying trees. I guess it could be hikers or even smugglers. They were pretty fresh, so couldn't have been older then a day or 2.

I suspect the fires and probably the human waste is from cross-border travelers to/from Lesotho, I was last there in October 2016 and as well as dagga-smugglers at night, there were several travellers (2 solo and one couple) heading into/out of SA. I filled 3 shopping packets with litter scattered around at the top of Grays Pass where their route crosses the Nkosazana River. The fireplaces we saw were all between KBC and the river crossing further down the valley and also had litter all around them.

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02 Dec 2018 00:12 - 02 Dec 2018 00:17 #74304 by intrepid
I have been doing a lot of tidying up in the Hiking category of the forum and have merged several threads into one to make it the official thread for the "Keith Bush Camp - Gray's Pass - Vulture's Retreat - Champagne Castle hike".

There is a separate thread for the Gray's Pass - Ship's Prow Pass loop which can cater for discussions around like things like itineraries specific to doing that loop. I am hoping most information for the KBC/Gray's Pass/Champagne Castle area will be stored this thread, and not the one including Ship's Prow Pass. I felt it made more sense to keep the two topics separate.

There are also threads specifically for Gray's Pass , Ship's Prow South Fork and Ship's Prow North Fork (Cathkin Mountain Pass) which are for discussions purely on the pass in question (like difficulty, route, conditions) rather than an entire hiking route in general.

As example, lets say you intend to spend 2 or 3 nights camping at Keith Bush Camp and would like to do Gray's Pass during that time as a day trip from the camp. If you are looking for general input on your plans, or wondering how long it takes to get to KBC, or would like to know what to go and see once you get to the top of Gray's Pass - those kinds of questions are best posted to the current thread. If however, you are only wanting to find out how long it takes from KBC to the top of Gray's Pass, or want to check on the state of the trail variations going up the pass, then those would be better posted to the Gray's Pass thread.

Hope this makes sense. It may not always be easy to know exactly where to post, but the moderator team does work on tidying up afterwards and this helps store the information in a more systematic way.

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