Rhino Peak

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I have been meaning to do a small write up on our Rhino hike we did a few months back.

My wife and I left the hiking office at Garden Castle at 06:30 and were back 15:15 with a half our break/ lunch on the summit.
The route is pretty simple up until you get right up into the Mashai Pass. The route is quite eroded near the top and we found it quite slippery on the loose rocks and soil. There was a point where the path "disappeared' and we were hacking around up the water course. At this point we crossed over from the right hand side of the valley and up onto the left bank and made our way up the grassy slope and we met up with a path heading up onto the escarpment.

Once on top of the escarpment made our way toward the peak and enjoyed the awesome views and a much needed break.

On the way back we noticed a group of 6 basotho herders making their way toward us, almost intercepting us before we could make our way down the pass. I must say I was a little nervous especially as it was only my wife and I.
We just said our hellos and gave them some apples and the carried on their way. I do realise that it is probably not a good thing to give out as it sets a precedent for future hikers but they were very expectant and we were very outnumbered

As we approached the entrance of the pass before heading down we met up with another herder with his 3 dogs. His dogs were extremely vicious and kept going for us, and he really struggled to keep them at bay. I reckon if we had panicked and started running those dogs would have attacked us properly. I just told my wife to walk in front of me and I kept the dogs away with my hiking pole. Luckily we made it down unscathed.

It was really a magic hike and would recommend it to anyone. It was really just unfortunate about the dogs.
I have heard of similiar stories going up Mashai Pass so maybe carry pepper spray or a tazer if you have one, especially if you are a small group.
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