Escarpment Vistas 2019

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Essence Of The Dragon is a photo competition hosted by Vertical Endeavour featuring images of the Maloti-Drakensberg Mountains - showcasing their splendour & unique character, towards better recognition of their worth & enhanced enjoyment of those who explore them.

Vertical Endeavour has hosted these photo competitions since 2010. Visit our photo gallery to see all the amazing shots of the Drakensberg that have been collected during this time.

2019 Annual Category 2
Theme: Escarpment Vistas
Criteria: Entries should depict the dramatic views you get from the escarpment, especially in relation to the valleys and smaller peaks down below.
Gallery for entries:
No. of entries per member: 3
Start date: immediate
Last submission date: 15 January 2020
Last voting date: 9 February 2020
Prize: Spirit of the Drakensberg book

The governing rules of the competition provide full details on how to participate and on all applicable rules. The rules are there to ensure fairness and transparency in how we conduct the competition, as well as to encourage active membership among the participants. Before entering the competition, please read through these fully.

The book prize was kindly sponsored by the author, Richard Hunt.


The Spirit of the Drakensberg takes the reader on an evocative journey through the mountains. The twelve chapters are based on the demarcated Ezimvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife areas– a unique approach that informs the reader of the highlights and dramatic scenery waiting to be discovered in each particular section of the Berg.  It took Richard Hunt six years to capture these Mountains in their changing moods and seasons; enticing one to take to the footpaths, if only from an armchair perspective,  to enjoy the spectacular beauty that unfolds, page by page. The photographs are contextualised by succinct captions, allowing one to share Richard Hunt’s passion for this ancient mountain range, and recognising its deep spirituality and endless lure.

KwaZulu-Natal born and bred, Richard Hunt grew up in Mooi River. With the mighty Drakensberg Mountains constantly in sight, his visual sense was honed by their shape, form and endlessly changing beauty. Richard Hunt has a farming background, which connects him in many ways to the earth and fuels his deep love for nature conservation. Wilderness areas have always called him but he only discovered phtography in his later years, capturing magnificent landscape images during his monthly forays into the mountains. His vast collection of quality photographs depicting the entire Drakensberg range provides an unprecedented overview of the region.

To order your own copy, follow this link .

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.
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