So the Cathedral Peak Hotel is taking the KwaZulu-Natal Transport Department to court over the state of the roads leading to the hotel. Good for them, I'm thinking!

The roads to the hotel, which sees thousands of visitors a year, are in a shocking state.  Signs are missing and huge potholes cause damage to the cars. More details in this article:[_id]=37161

A road which is not mentioned there, but one which is also in a deplorable state, is Oliviershoek Pass. If only it were just the potholes that one has to swerve around along Sterkfontein Dam. The one that really takes the cake is situated 6km down the pass.

It is so big and severe that it takes up the entire lane and could be the cause of a very serious accident should it be driven over, or if a car swerves into the oncoming lane to avoid it.

Seriously KZN Transport Department, what are you guys actually up to?! The state of Berg roads reminds me of a road sign I came across elsewhere:

Please drive with extreme caution on Oliviershoek Pass!

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Hermann replied to: #3494 01 Aug 2011 15:09
Hi I traveled that road 3 weeks ago...still the same
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intrepid replied to: #3484 01 Aug 2011 09:36
Has anyone travelled on the R74 between Harrismith and Bergville very recently? My friend just heard a warning on the radio that conditions on this road are currently dangerous because of the state of the road and the roadworks. We intend driving on that road this coming Friday.

I travelled this road last in March this year, the roadworks before the pass were progressing very slowly. Still only single-lane traffic in alternating directions, on a bumpy mixture of dirt and tar. I also noticed that the traffic control points have no radio contact with each other! I tend to drive very slowly on this section now because I don't want to get towed back to Harrismith a second time! Because of this they evidently forget that I am still on road and let opposing traffic through a section while I am still in it. Of course I get dirty looks and zero consideration by the drivers in the oncoming cars.

Please everyone, let us take it easy on this road. Drive safely and be patient and considerate!
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intrepid replied to: #2610 25 Mar 2011 12:38
An update published in The Witness on the case between the Cathedral Peak Hotel and the board of KZN Wildlife:

Acting Judge Yvonne Gcaba granted an order consented to by both parties on Friday in terms of which the KZN Conservation Board was ordered to ensure that sufficient funding and “appropriate budgetary steps” are taken to ensure that the road in question is properly “repaired, maintained and upgraded” within three years from May 1.

It was also ordered to continue to maintain, repair and upgrade the road.

The board must also ensure that all potholes are repaired within two weeks of their being reported and general repairs are to be done within a month of being reported.

The order stipulates that if any part of the budget set aside for the road in any one year is not used, the amount is to be carried over and added to that of the ensuing year so as to speed up the completion of the roadwork and provide an “ongoing fund” for the road.

Another part of the order states that the parties are to “co-operate with one another in order to bring about and maintain a road of a proper standard for their mutual use and benefit as well as that of their respective patrons”.

The KZN Nature Conservation Board was ordered to pay the hotel’s legal costs, amounting to over R300 000.

The dispute between the board and the William van der Riet Family Trust — which owns the Cathedral Peak hotel — has been going on in the high court since 2008.

Link to article
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intrepid replied to: #2106 21 Dec 2010 15:16
Be aware that the Oliviershoek Pass road currently has major road works. Traffic is restricted to one lane, with the direction being alternated. The potholes are very severe currently. I bent two rims on that road on December 15th. The truck driver that took my car back to Harrismith said that it was the third car he had to fetch from that road that evening! With all the rain the road is even more hazardous. Will be nice once the extremely-long-overdue upgrade is complete.
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BeardedVulture replied to: #1758 17 Sep 2010 16:59
Hi Intrepid. Yes the potholes are realy bad in some places, especially when you are driving fast or looking at the mountains. I have never really enjoyed the drive to Cathedral, especially through the community, but I am very appreciative of the Hotel's concerns and attempts to address the concerns, believe you me, I support them. I am also aware that some of the resorts in the berg has raised concerns with the local roads departments through drawing up petitions. However, as you are aware, these are not very successful. Any way, please don't forget to add "fishing" onto your profile (just a personal joke). Cheers and keep them peeled for them holes!