Karen Hauptfleisch, the founder of SOAPkidz, is about to become the first South African to visit the highest mountain in each of the Southern African countries.

Her adventure to be the first lady and the first South African to climb the highest peaks across the 64 African countries started in support of the SOAPkidz organisation.  SOAPkidz strives towards taking underprivileged and vulnerable children out into nature where they are  taught about their local environment and made to feel special and important.  Their motto, “because it’s pure magic when kids and nature meet” epitomises both the experience and the effect which each child has after an event or activity.

Karen hopes to grow these initiatives across Africa and her trip to Angolan in January 2012 will be the 27th country visited and is a milestone in her personal journey.  In each country, she tries to involve the local children through environmental awareness education and activities such as litter collection and tree planting.  Karen is passionate about litter and has tried to clean up all the peaks she has visited and sees this as a personal challenge to rid nature of litter and its impact on the environment.  You can read about these trips and the adventure associated with each one of them on her blog, http://sunriseonafricaspeaks.blogspot.com.

Karen hopes to complete the rest of her adventure in the next two years and through this make SOAPkidz sustainable and fulfil another dream of reaching in excess of 1,000,000 children.  She is looking for sponsorship to make both SOAP and SOAPkidz activities sustainable and would like to engage with people who are interested to help.

Please keep checking the blog to see her progress as this is truly an inspiring project and will go on to achieve its aim of making all children feel that they have a role to play in society, nature and its future.

african countries already covered

Karen has been privileged to visit the highest peak in the countries coloured green.

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