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Injisuthi Camp to Grindstone Cave Via Marble Baths Loop Injisuthi Camp to Grindstone Cave Via Marble Baths Loop

This trip will take you to Grindstone Cave for an overnight stay, via Marble baths.It took more time than we expected due to an incorrect path that we took and we ended up sleeping the night in the valley instead of the cave. We then made our way back to Injisuthi in the morning via Grindstone cave.I have omitted our incorrect path from the route, so it should be easy to follow.The path from Marble Baths goes downstream on the opposite side of the river until the confluence, then up the valley. This path is rocky, and difficult to find, so don't stick exactly to the gps data, rather find your own way if you can. Look out for the cairns when you get to the point where you cross the river and hike up the steep hill to the contour path. This is where we had to spend the night because the physical map path is incorrect. The GPS data here is good. The hike from Grindstone Cave back to camp is a little over 3km, so the whole route is possible to do in a day if you leave early and are relatively fit. Loads of fun, and great things to see.
Created 2018-02-05 13:30
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