Littering in the Drakensberg

27 Jan 2021 13:12 #76460 by Bendindin
Thanks for the advice - I will notify EKZNW and will follow up.

Whilst it's obviously encouraged that hikers collect litter, the scale of this people migration and the subsequent amount of litter left along the paths could never be collected by the occasional hiking group.
Ultimately, if this flow of people continues, so will the litter and only daily ranger patrols/collections via Cobham would help to alleviate the build-up
Surely a larger-reaching, more holistic solution is required here?

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29 Jan 2021 05:20 #76464 by intrepid
Interest and follow-up with EKZNW from the public is key. Engage them on the matter, start a dialogue. Be an activist. It takes people like you who care. Surely EKZNW will have patrols that can handle some of the mess. Often public initiatives need to play a supportive roll. For example you could start your own little group that goes out there and does some cleaning. Alternatively you could engage hiking clubs on the matter and see if they can help organize a group with you. Do you have photos of the mess? Post them here, share them on Facebook and other social media. If you share to VE's page, I'll re-post it. I'd focus on the immediate problem at Cobham (which may well subside once the border restrictions lift) - solve that first, and if you want to do more about the general litter problem, take it from there.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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