Re: Which is more interesting, hiking or cricket


Poll: Which is more interesting?

Hiking in the Berg
4 66.7%
Watching cricket
2 33.3%
Total number of voters: 6 ( Buyid, PeterHowells, Aux, ghaznavid, intrepid ) See more
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10 Jan 2011 11:02 #2192 by intrepid
It is now possible to create an opinion poll as part of a forum thread. When you create a new topic (note: cannot be created as part of a reply to an exiting thread), look for the "Poll" icon (the one with 3 bars forming a small graph). Clicking on this presents you with fields for the poll title (in this example "Which is more interesting?"), as well as an optional expiry date which is just left as is in most cases. Next to the title field will be green plus and red minus icons - these add and remove the poll options. Clicking on the green plus will produce the default fields for two options - fill these in accordingly. In this example they are "Hiking in the Berg" and "Watching cricket". More can be added - the max is 5 but this can easily be increased by an administrator if ever needed. The rest of the new topic creation functions as normal. Only one vote per user and a list of voters is also displayed on the post. Enjoy!

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21 May 2012 20:30 - 07 Mar 2019 15:58 #53977 by ghaznavid
Seems like an entirely objective place to ask this question.
Last edit: 07 Mar 2019 15:58 by ghaznavid.

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