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07 Dec 2017 08:03 #72461 by Stevedup11
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Hi guys,

I'm very new to this forum, just recently discovered it while trying to do some research on overnight hikes at Injisuthi.

Myself and my girlfriend are planning to spend 2-3 days hiking around Injisuthi, sleeping in caves at the end of December. This will be our first time in the berg and are not very familiar with the area.
I was originally thinking to try get to the Upper Injisuthi cave for a night, but this hike now seems a bit strenuous and not the best idea for a first time hike, better saved for a later trip.

I am now leaning towards the following route:
Night 1: Injisuthi camp
Night 2: Marble Baths
Night 3: Lower Injisuthi Cave

Is this route doable and worth it? or do you have any suggestions or changes that I should consider. I was also wondering if the road to Injisuthi is fine for a lower hatchback?
In terms of fitness, I am quite fit but my girlfriend is not. So would prefer something that we can take at a relaxed pace and not have to rush to get to.

Thanks in advance


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07 Dec 2017 08:24 - 07 Dec 2017 08:26 #72462 by diverian
Replied by diverian on topic Injisuthi Hike
Hi Steve

Welcome to the forum. Injisuthi is my favorite area in the berg and a good place to start out. I would give an escarpment hike a miss until you have a couple of "lower berg" hikes under the belt, and you have all the right gear and are comfortable with it.

Your route is very easily doable in terms of distance and navigation, good clear paths. It will also give you time to explore the surroundings, swim in the pools, both locations have great ones. My only concern would be the availability of the caves. They can be booked on the KZN website. My experience is that groups are often more than willing to "share" accommodation, a good opportunity to meet other hikers , swap stories and get ideas on gear , food etc.. Marble baths actually has two caves and LIC has multiple rock walled sleeping areas.

The road is bad in a few places near the end, but fine if you take it slow.

Looking forward to your report back.
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07 Dec 2017 13:19 #72463 by Riaang
Replied by Riaang on topic Injisuthi Hike
Hi Steve,

Your route options are very doable in my opinion, even for an unfit person. If she struggles you can always carry her backpack ;-)
Not much of a climb to either of these caves and not too far either.
There are a couple more caves in the Injasuthi area to consider as well, like Grindstone caves or Wonder Valley cave (up Van Heyenings pass).

The road was in pretty decent shape about a month ago when I was there, but with all the rain lately the road might be a bit rough for a hatchback. However, with slow and careful driving it can probably be negotiated.

(PS: remember rain gear for summer, not much fun when clothes and tent are wet)

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07 Dec 2017 16:16 #72464 by Papa Dragon
Replied by Papa Dragon on topic Injisuthi Hike
Hey Steve

We did something similar in Injasuthi last year, with the first night in Grindstone Cave. Probably not a good idea to hike in the dark if you are not tooo familiar with the area, or don't have a GPS track.

Here's the write-up from our hike:

As Diverian said, book the caves timeously. Injasuthi caves are booked through EKZNW Central Reservations, 033 845 1000.

Hope you enjoy your first hike in the 'Berg, have fun and be safe.. some amazing pools in the area.

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