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Where do South Africans get insurance that will cover them for peaks above 6000m? has a Sport Cover add on but that only cover some very well knows peaks and you need to be guided.

If I want to climb a 5500m peak unguided are there any options?
What do South Africans do that go to Everest and the higher ranges?

The Austrian Alpine club membership benefit is only up to 5500m, and you will needs extra cover for peaks above 6000m and this extra cover is not available to South Africans.



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24 Jan 2020 13:45 #75627 by Riaang
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What exactly do you want to insure?

People mostly require medical insurance, which is compulsory with most tour agencies.
That's to cover the expenses for helicopter evacuations, which are expensive.
Most of the large medical insurers in SA offers this to their members.

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So there are two aspects which need to be covered. Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical.

I'm on Discovery and they will cover the Emergency Medical part but not the Search and Rescue. I've found  (not cheap!) which will cover South Africans. 

My brother joining on the trip will not be covered by his medical aid (Discovery but on a different plan to me, and you can't get the international medical benefit as an add on) so that leaves us having a problem for the Emergency Medical. We are busy clarifying with that if we do get hurt on a mountain that they don't cover that they will indeed cover the medical costs if we make our own way to the hospital.

Which medical aid do you know of that covers overseas Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical?
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25 Jan 2020 23:48 #75629 by intrepid
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Interesting topic, I am keen to see what comes up here.

I am a member of the German Alpine Club and get mountaineering insurance through them which is similar to the one you get through the Austrian Alpine Club. I did some 6000m peaks in Nepal a long time ago and they did cover those. I think for expeditions you may be hard pressed to find insurance. In Nepal you can do 6000m peaks that are classified as the so-called "trekking peaks" rather than expedition peaks, even though most of them involve some form of mountaineering and some of them are quite technical.

The other thing is consider is who will even rescue you on the 6000m+ peaks - it may be largely up to other climbers on the mountain to get you down to an altitude where the helicopter can pick you up. In Nepal you have to have your credit card number handy when you dial the helicopter rescue on the sat phones. So you could find out what the going rate is for a pick-up these days and see if that's a bill you can cover if you really need to.

You can also check-out the optional extra rescue-cost cover offered by Spot and/or InReach. I am not sure what they limit in terms of altitude.

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27 Jan 2020 15:55 #75630 by ASL
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I suggest you check with your insurer though. When I enquired with Discovery about 'trad' climbing they wanted an extra 4k a month and that was about 8 years ago..

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