Leslie’s Pass

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LOL! I can add a few highlights of Riaan's comments! He's pretty spot on but I think I have made a few errors on Leslie's that made it harder than it should be..

The bushwacking is looong and is a real sweaty 'B' that never ends! Then the ridge starts inoccently enough but you will get to a section of Very steep path that goes straight up without contouring and is quite slippery to add to your pain (coming down is worse and If you pick up speed you are likely to end up on you ass. It seems Leslie didn't believe in contouring so make sure you have 2 trekking poles is my advice.

The 3rd dodgy aspect is that it's quite difficult to see that path when you get into the pass proper and I must stress that you should not be tempted to stick with the direct option going up the boulders. It's really physical and you end up using your hands to partially climb up the steep sections making it sooo much harder! So keep more to the left and make sure you track the path, it's quite loose in areas but still beats the semi climb up the 'direct' route. At Riaan's pt.2, it's that 2nd crossing of the river to move to the left side.

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29 Oct 2022 22:22 #78097 by intrepid
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@Edward, I have merged your posts and the replies with the main, official thread on Leslie's Pass. Go through the older posts on this thread for more info.

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06 Nov 2022 14:04 #78115 by RudiVE
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Hi Edward

The one time I did Leslie's I couldn't find the path from Marble Baths Cave to the base of Leslies so I did that section by literally staying in the river.  It took me about two and a half hours to cover the 4km.  I found the route to be okay.  Unfortunately I cannot compare it with the bushwacking section as I have never done that route before.   If you can find a gps track with that section you can maybe compare the time it took to cover the 4km and compare it to the 2.5hours it took me by keeping in the river.



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