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26 Feb 2015 13:21 #62906 by elinda
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We did a hike in the Giants Castle area last weekend, going up Oribi Ridge and on to the contour path and passing Giants Hut on the way. The hut is derelict with half the roof tiles blown off, open to the elements and debris scattered all around. The inside is a mess with insulation from the roof hanging in tatters and the old iron bunk beds rusted and upended. The roof trusses still look ok for now but will rot if nothing further is done. Such a sad sight to see and I remember many happy evening spent in this hut. I am not sure but seem to think that the MCSA had an initiative a little while back to repair and rebuild the hut and they had several work parties going up there on weekends to do the work. It would seem that the Berg winds have made short work of their sterling efforts. I am wondering though whether there are any plans afoot to either repair the damage or at the very least to remove the unsightly debris and clean up the site ?

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26 Feb 2015 13:40 #62907 by JonWells
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It is indeed a pity, looks like its been like that since Aug 2013.

Here is the previous thread about it:

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15 Mar 2015 18:46 #63008 by Smurfatefrog
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From the Facebook page:

Hi all. It is with great dissapointment, I have to let you know that the insurance claim on the hut was rejected. The roof blew off before the job was fully signed off and completed. Does anyone out there have capacity to take the lead on this project to get this started again? Please contact me if you do. Thanks so much! Rob Harley

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19 Jun 2017 09:34 #71742 by Rhinoandhedgehog
Replied by Rhinoandhedgehog on topic Giants Hut
I have some news on this one.

According to a chat I had with a staff member over the weekend. The hut's restoration is "under review". He suggested that I email the manager and motivate as to the restoration.

If you are interested and want to, PM me I will send you the email address of the right person. I walked away believing that this actually might be a possibility.

While I has there this weekend it would not actually take much to restore the old hut to its former glory. And am sure it will be well used like Bannerman Hut down the road.
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