This compact sleeping bag, designed for adventurers or adventure racers, was created for summer evening conditions, but coupled with an inner sheet will provide incredible warmth and flexibility in cooler conditions too. Luxurious and lightweight, the Extreme Lite 500 provides its user with an extremely versatile sleeping solution.

Vertical Endeavour is gearing up towards...well...gear. It is evident from the forum that much interest in outdoor equipment exists within the community and naturally gear is a very relevant topic for those venturing into the mountains. And so we’d like to gear this site towards more gear talk!

Some updates from Karen who is busy climbing the highest peak in several West African countries. These posts are from her own blog:

A good mountain companion of mine has undertaken to climb all the highest peaks in each country in Africa, of which there are 53.

So, is 3 years old now! It's birthday celebrations have been marked by a heap of software upgrades - almost every component has been updated in some way recently.

True to the nature of the web, this site is constantly growing in content & members and undergoes endless updates, for both for software and material. The information on this site is progressive, and grows in scope, detail and accuracy the more members interact on it. Nobody knows it all, especially not for the Drakensberg. With this in mind, remember to check out certain pages which are routinely updated.

You may have noticed that we've started publishing new content on Drakensberg passes.

Google renders 710 000 search results for the word “Drakensberg”, but is the Drakensberg truly on the web?

Most people visiting this new site might actually be a bit lost, and unsure what all the hullabaloo is all about. Well, OK. I get it, since you haven't been working at it for the last 6 or so months and so don't possibly know what's new, and where you can find anything because it all looks completely different.

For the second time in its history, this site has undergone a major upgrade.