You may have noticed that we've started publishing new content on Drakensberg passes.

Many of you may be familiar with Stijn Laenen's write-ups on various passes as originally published on his Super Traverse site. Geocities, which is where the site was hosted, has been shut down and Stijn kindly made this material available for publication on this site.

The write-ups contain valuable information and ratings on various passes - info that any Berg enthusiast will appreciate.  Be sure to check them out and watch for additional ones which will be added.

If you have any relevant articles and information which you'd like to submit to the site, please don't hesitate to contact us. This site thrives on contributions by the community!

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intrepid replied to: #951 14 Feb 2010 15:16
Those additional criteria sound great. Anyone that wants to submit such write-ups on passes they have done, just get hold of me by sending me a PM through my profile.

While articles such as these are very informative and definitive, remember that other avenues of expression are also available on this site. The blogs cater for a more casual, less definitive and personal expression (like if you want to give a personal account of an ascent of a pass, etc.). Pictures of passes should be posted in this sub-album: Remember: a picture paints a thousand words. The forums are always a place to ask for info and to collect it, and to thrash out ideas. The dedicated sub-forum for this is: . If you have a file suitable for downloading (like GPS tracks), it can be submitted too, and will be published here:

I have also been working on bookmarking and tagging selected pages that contain good info on passes (and caves) using Delicious. While I have not managed to get on top of this project, you can get an idea of what this will look like: . So, clicking on a tag like "Amakehla" or "Thuthumi" will provide a selective list of good pages to see (whether its a photo, article, blog or forum post, or a download). This provides much more filtered results that a normal search engine result would.

There are even more ideas we are considering, for even further avenues of expression and presentation, but these are future projects which we'll give more details on at a later stage. In the mean time, keep the info and discussions going!
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tiska replied to: #950 12 Feb 2010 12:50
great idea - the descriptions of the passes will become a super resource.

I would suggest that we try to build some systematic info for each pass on the following:
1) useable caves & camping at the bottom of the pass
2) useable caves & camping near the top of the pass
3) whether there is anywhere at all to shelter/overnight on the pass itself
4) typical location of last water when ascending both in winter and summer
5) whether there is a path or not
6) whether there is dense bush or not
7) extent of non-hiker traffic on the pass