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Many restrictions were imposed on Everest mountaineers this climbing season due to the Olympic torch being carried to the summit from the Tibet side. While no other groups were allowed on the Tibet side, climbers on the Nepal side could only ascend to Camp 2 until the torch had been to the summit and communication equipment was banned. The team carrying the torch summitted successfully on May 8 and the climbing is back in full swing from the Nepal side.

To most people’s surprise, the Maoists won the Constituent Assembly elections, and that by quite a big margin. No doubt this is a major event in the history of Nepal, the implications of which are still unfolding. The country of Nepal has once again shown its remarkable ability to bounce back from tense situations. The mood is generally peaceful and optimistic, one which the tourism industry will undoubtedly benefit from.  In this atmosphere of change we hope that the long term changes will be beneficial for all.

The Trekking Peaks of Nepal are a selection of peaks that provide a good taste of Himalayan mountaineering that is affordable and attainable. The name is very misleading in that some routes and peaks are very challenging, though the popular ones are comparatively easy and can be climbed, under guidance, by adventurous trekkers who have little mountaineering experience. Generally the peaks are under 6500m and are closely associated with popular trekking areas.

In the wake of a new set of problems in Nepal, you may be wondering about your travel plans. Get a summary of the major events that may impact your upcoming trip to Nepal. Read snippets about the elections, unrest in the Terai, the Maosists and TIMS.

Nepal is home to several of the world's highest peaks. Eight of the ten highest in the world are situated on the border or lie completely in Nepal. The names of these peaks are fairly well known, but little is known about the other Himalayan giants of Nepal. This article gives a little tribute to them.

This trek gives you the grand tour of the famous Khumbu area. This is a strenuous trek leading to Gokyo Lake and over the Cho La Pass at 5330m leading into the Khumbu valley above Lobuje. The trail continues up to Kalapattar and then back to Lukla via Thengboche and Namche Bazaar.

The Maoists have been demanding that Nepal be declared a republic before the November 22 elections, even though the King has already been totally stripped of his powers.

An often overlooked fact is that there are actually 3 different Everest base camps one can visit, one being in Nepal, and the two others in Tibet.

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