A 69-year-old hiker was airlifted from Ntonjelana Pass, September 26th, 2009, after he became unwell and it was feared that he may suffer a heart attack.

The party of seven hikers, ascended Ntonjelana Pass on Friday , September 25th, without incident. They were well equipped and experienced. The Joburg based 69-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, did not sleep well that night and on the descent the following day started to weaken. He suffered nausea, hot and cold shivers and felt weak in the knees.

His companions suspected that it could have been a combination of heat stroke and effects of altitude. Not wanting the situation to become worse, they phoned emergency personnel. It appears the SAPS conducted the helicopter rescue. The man was accompanied by his friend while the rest of the party descended the rest of the pass without incident. He has reportedly recovered and is back in Joburg.

Source: IOL

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