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02 Jan 2019 22:32 #74430 by intrepid
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This thread is an experiment. I'd like to create a more informal space for sharing anything that may be relevant to the VE community. I find sometimes that it would be nice if there were a quick way to post snippets and updates, even just a thought. I use the "VE announcements" to inform members of important changes but that thread tends to be formal and committing in its nature. I'd like this to be a place for less formal chats, and even a place to let members know what is being considered or in development for the site. Anyone is welcome to post on this thread with things that are relevant for the community.

VE is entering its 12th year of existence. It continues to operate independently and not for monetary gain. Yes, there are a few Google ads on the site -  these do not generate much and go towards hosting expenses.  What I want for VE is that it continues to be driven by a pure passion for mountains. May 2019 prove true to this.

While many of you have been talking of the hot summer temperatures (and hopefully enjoying that sunshine!), ClimbyKel and myself have been enjoying our skiing on this side of the globe. This is me under all that gear, sporting one of my VE buffs.

That's it for now! :thumbsup:

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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05 Jan 2019 01:42 #74451 by intrepid
Replied by intrepid on topic This and That on VE
So I'm still busy with a lot of re-shuffling on the forum. Partly this is due to the age of the forum, that it needs a good clean up, and in part it is also a preparation for the new site feature. The new feature will catalogue everything Berg related and every entry should then have a corresponding forum thread where information is collected and discussed and where questions can be asked.

Specific to Berg Passes which I am currently working on, up until now we have simply waited for threads to be created as the need arises. Most of the passes have been covered in this way. Now I am fine-combing the lists and creating threads for passes that don't have their own thread yet. They may never have come up in conversation because they are seldom done, or they may have been described in trip reports and GPS downloads which are stored elsewhere. You will see me create these new threads over the next while, they will mostly just be place holders. Members are encouraged to add write-ups and their own photos to these new threads. If you see good descriptions in trip reports (in the Drakensberg Trips sub-categories) please post a cross-reference link in the new threads.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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