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25 Jun 2019 09:50 #75110 by Dave
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Papa Dragon, have you tried taking this up with the receptionists/officers at Didima? I thought I'd suggest to the officer at Monk's Cowl that he remind people to defecate well away from campsites and rivers and to bury it - people don't know any better etc. etc. His response: "But a lot of people go up there." I gave up at that point; maybe the message will be heeded if it comes from the OIC.

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07 Jul 2019 05:16 #75140 by intrepid
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Papa Dragon wrote:
Xeni Toilet.

The small cave right next to Xeni, on Saturday morning.

Ignorance? Lack of consideration? The mind boggles...

Unfortunately this seems to be an ongoing thing in that particular cave and this issue also has a history. Certainly I have seen it too and even the very first time I even learned about Xeni Cave, I was also told that there was a bad habit of the "toilet cave" next door. I also seem to remember some efforts by Berg Watch in the 90s in keeping that cave clean. I'm not entirely sure how to totally solve the issue. Certainly cleaning up normal litter ourselves goes a long way. As for the toilet mess, if we are persistent in taking it up with EKZNW, perhaps they will do something about it.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.
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15 Jul 2019 07:24 #75153 by Smurfatefrog
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We did a hike up Tseketseke pass this weekend and was very disappointed to find bits of very fresh trash along a lot of the route below and above the hut.

Definitely wouldn't have expected this from hikers doing these types of routes!

Some of the trash we picked up

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15 Jul 2019 19:54 #75154 by Papa Dragon
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Biodegradeable hand warmers, pity the packaging definitely isn't..

Curious where the hand warmers ended up..

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27 Nov 2019 13:42 #75499 by GriffBaker
Replied by GriffBaker on topic Hikers Trash
Moderators remove this if it is crass but I'm starting to wonder why some people even hike.

On Monday afternoon, arriving at twins cave, the first thing that greeted me at the entrance was a female sanitary item wadded in a heap of toilet paper. The entire main area of the cave was littered with wet wipes and toilet paper stuffed into rocks. There is a small alcove next to the biggest sleeping area that could sleep one person...but someone has done their business there and made a small cairn(1 or 2, I know not). The first section as you follow the traverse trail around to the right was littered with fresh excrement half-heartedly squashed under rocks with tp sticking out the sides. Disgusting and unsightly. 

I went to the annex to get signal for my cell and in there I cleared out two empty black bags, a lighter and numerous other packaging stuffed into the rocks. 

I've never thought Twins the cleanest cave but it seemed far worse this time.

I cleared out what I could but could not bring myself to handle the unhygienic stuff. Yurraaaaa Siestog!!! Maybe the next group there can take some Nitrile gloves and ziplock some of it.
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