Ngwangwe Pass

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Excerpt from ghaznavid's Knuckles day hike: Punching the Bird :

This pass tops out much higher than Saddle Nek, and is much narrower. There is no real difficulty to speak of, and the views are easily more impressive than Saddle Nek. Around 2500m we joined the river that flows down Saddle Nek. At first we thought this pass probably would have had some use in the past – but really, the only time you can see that the top goes is from the absolute top, it tops out too high to make sense for use with Isicutula Pass, it provides access to a large cave that I have never heard anyone talk about, and on the wrong side of Thaba Ngwangwe – so to be entirely honest, I see no reason why anyone would actually want to use it! Nonetheless, it goes, it is entirely distinct from Saddle Nek Pass and is thus clearly a separate pass. We discussed the name of the pass – it is on the wrong side of Saddle Nek to be called “Andre’s Pass” or “Knob Pass”, so we have gone with Ngwangwe Pass. I am aware that there is already an Ngwangwane Pass on the other side of the peak, but seeing as I doubt this pass will see anything more than a single repeat in the next decade, the name doesn’t really matter. Perhaps “Unnamed Pass” would be more appropriate, but I’m sticking with Ngwangwe Pass.

From the base of the pass we simply followed the river till we hit the trail below Bushman’s Cave.

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