Stone's Pass North

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This is the official thread for Stone's Pass North at Garden Castle.

The two Stone's Passes are grassy gullies situated on either side of an unnamed saddle-shaped buttress. They may have been named after Ronald Stone, who farmed Castle View farm from 1944 until it was purchased by the Property Development Company (circa 1975-1976)  - reference . The Geomaps offer "Pitseng" an alternate name for them in parenthesis (not to be confused with the nearby Pitsaneg Passes). In my version of the Geomaps, the southern pass also appears incorrectly placed as it seems to indicate that the route goes straight up the face of the buttress. See the Stone's Pass South thread for more info.

The Northern pass is grassy with relatively easy navigation and terrain, but it is not properly trailed. On our ascent we approached the pass from Wilson's Cave and only encountered some tracks once we entered the valley which leads straight into the pass. We quickly lost these tracks again as we ascended the pass. The boulder field at the top of the pass is easily bypassed on the true right.

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