Elandshoek Pass

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Elandshoek 3/3

Looking back to the pass entrance, just before turning around the corner. The pass drops down just before the snow line

One more thing to mention on the contour path heading towards the pass proper: There is a junction, as per image below, with a deceptive path heading down and to the south east. The correct path to take is the upper one.


Final thoughts: Elandshoek is definitely amongst my top 5 passes in the Berg, it is truly unique. I would not rate it as a beginners pass and would say that a fair amount of Berg experience is recommended before attempting it. It is WELL worth the effort though and is highly recommended for anyone that has it on their to-do-list. It took us about 5 hours (with full packs) to ascend from the contour path on northern side of the shortcut, but included 2 half hour breaks. I note that on this thread, mention is made that it is a smugglers pass, but I must admit that we've not really seen clear signs of recent use the previous 3 times (in the form of litter, animal dung, carcasses etc.) (Judges pass is however a different kettle of fish altogether, as it looked like a rubbish dump out there, very sad). The usual precautions regarding location of camp, amongst others, in that vicinity is still recommended. 

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