Van Heyningen's Pass

11 Apr 2019 23:45 - 11 Apr 2019 23:47 #74900 by intrepid
This is the official thread for Van Heyningen's Pass at Injisuthi, which is a Little Berg pass.

There is an existing thread for the route from Injisuthi Camp to Wonder Valley Cave which mentions this pass, but this thread for the trail that ascends the pass specifically.

Members are encouraged to add write-ups and photos.

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13 Apr 2019 19:51 #74901 by Richard Hunt
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I Have a few photos to get the ball rolling. Van Heyningen's Pass begins at approx. 1600m and tops out at 1900m. It is a very popular pass used by day hikers from the Injasuthi Camp and those going to Wonder Valley Cave. We last descended it on our way back from Ships Prowl Pass, Cowl fork and Shada Ridge.

The approach to the Pass

The top of the PassĀ 

The Pass goes down through forest.

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15 Apr 2019 11:46 #74902 by Riaang
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So that's what it looks like in dry weather :-)

Only ever done it in the rain, the river coming down the pass was very full, and crossing the river at two spots was quite a challenge. The most difficult spot was in one of the images above, where the water level was quite high and we had to get over it by staying on the tops of the steep sloping rocks covered in moss. Went up for the afternoon after coming down from Grindstone caves with family, then my brother in law and myself went up the pass to have a look at Ships prow. Unfortunately everything was covered in thick mist so we decided to stop for a quick lunch stop and then head down. Met a family coming up that wasn't quite prepared for the conditions (no tents, no rain gear, no GPS) as they were lost and took them to Wonder valley cave. Had to run down to make up lost time else Sanet would have called in mountain rescue. We came in literally a few seconds before the cut-off time I gave her :-). All in all a fun afternoon outing, definitely worth your while when there is no mist as the views are really good from Shada Ridge (have done it from Moncs Cowl in sunshine a couple of times).

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