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Last weekend Sabine, Cathy and tonymarshall visited the Mnweni Pools as part of an Mnweni exploration hike. We stopped at both sets of pools commonly referred to as Mnweni Pools in the Mnweni River; what I believe to be the Mnweni Pools just over a kilometre upstream of the confluence with the Ifidi/iBhudlu River, and the others approximately one and a half kilometres downstream of the confluence with the Icidi River. The pools in the Icidi River, near the confluence with the Mnweni, although nice pools, were not visited as they are not the Mnweni Pools but are commonly misidentified as such.

We left the MCC just before 16h00 on the Friday, with a local giving us a lift along the road to near the Mnweni – Ifidi confluence, where our hike up the Mnweni valley commenced, crossing the rivers a few times before following the true left bank of the Mnweni River to the pools, situated in a small gorge the river has carved through a rock band. There is a long, deep pool at the downstream end of the Mnweni Pools.

A wooden bridge crosses the gorge above the downstream pool, with a sequence of pools just upstream.

Some of the pools. The Mnweni Pools are situated at S 28 48.885 E 29 02.601, 1390 m altitude.

Upstream of the main pools are some smaller pools and a chute in the river bed.

We crossed the river at the rocks in the background of the photo above, headed up the slope (through a blackjack infested mealie field) to the path on the true right, and followed the path (Mnweni Pass route) to our tenting site beneath the Dassie near the confluence of the Nceda and Mnweni Rivers.

The next morning we headed upstream to the other pools, also in a small gorge in the river, just upstream of Mlambu’s Kraal. Mbundini Buttress, Stimela Ridge and Icidi Buttress are the peaks in the background.

These are also nice pools with a chute and some cascades and are situated at S 28 49.950 E 29 01.319, 1485 m altitude.

The bubble bath.

The largest of these pools is the downstream one.

Two great sets of pools in the Mnweni River, both worthy of visiting for a fun swimming day in summer.

The next stage of our exploration was a traverse along the lower slopes of the Outer Mnweni Needle to the Ntonjelana eshonalanga valley (Rockeries Pass route), so we headed up the ridge past Mlambu’s Kraal and onto the slopes of the Outer Needle……

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