2009 Cockade -Tseketseke Pass Day walk Accident

28 Aug 2013 18:44 #58283 by Selous
Hi All

I think that when this incident occurred I was a recent member on VE a bit new to posting comments, opinions and incidents on the forums. The incident kind of links into Emergency Bivy Protocol and Leadership.

I will try and cut a long story short.

In Early September 2009 a mate and myself who have done and are still doing quite a few day walks together did Cathedral - Cockade Pass - Tseketseke Pass - Cathedral Loop as a day walk

After a successful walk up Cockade Pass and little traverse across the escarpment

and identifying False Tseketseke Pass

we were coming down Tsekteseke Pass chatting about life,kids, schooling etc when just after the grassy slopes where you cross the boulder scree slope he tripped and tried to amend his his fall but the fall gathered momentum and being quite a big bloke of 6foot 4inches and size 13 feet this was quite difficult. The end result was that he ended up tripping and the careering left off the trail and down about a 1 meter to 1.5meter drop to the left.

It happened so quickly, so fast and so unexpectedly that it turned a pleasant day walk into .... Well what do we do now. The cut above his eye was not the problem but added to the drama with lots of blood. The problem was being quite a big bloke he slammed his hip into some boulders as he left the trail and fell that 1 to 1.5 meters down to the left. His body instantly stiffened up as a result of the fall and his body preparing itself for the impact.

It was just after a cold front and the temp at about 1pm in the pass was only in the upper single digit figures at that time.

It took my mate about 20 minutes to get himself ready to start walking again the cold in Tseketseke Pass compounded this. He was shaken but totally with it and aware of what had just occurred. His pace was very slow once we got going due to his body having stiffened up and a very sore left hand side hip and body. I realized that at our current pace we would not make Cathedral Peak and convinced him some anti-inflamatories were necessary (Something he was averse too earlier - being kind of like me and not wanting to put anything drug wise into his body). About 1hour after the fall at around 2pm and a little further down the pass the Brufen kicked in and he was a lot happier and faster.

We made it back to Cathedral Peak by about 6:30Pm and he was being stitched up in Howick by 9Pm.

After that incident I have realized that had I have to have left him to get help he would have had a very cold night just in some cold weather gear. I also forgot to mention in the earlier Emergency Bivy Protocol that Gaz started that I also carry a just over a quarter foam sleeping mat when doing day walks in winter so that at least one can get off the cold ground.


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