Cathedral Peak hike

07 Aug 2017 21:12 #71954 by MSH
Cathedral Peak hike was created by MSH

Just a quick write up on a recent day trip we did up cathedral peak.

We were just a group of 3 with day packs hoping to summit cathedral peak in a day.
We left the hikers parking lot at 06:30 and made our way up to Cathedral peak.
We reached the base of the peak at 10:30. We decided to have a little rest before we made our way up the last stretch of "scrambling" up to the summit. I had read up on this site that the scrambles would be relatively do able granted you had a sense of adventure and a bit of a head for heights. Well we thought had abit of both and made our way to the first scramble. Well we somehow got all the way to the base of the "fifth" scramble and decided to call it quits. It was a real pitty to have made it so far and have to turn back but we decided it was too risky. I really found that we were really exposed on some of those scrambles especially at the base of the fifth.
I reckon it would have been nice to have someone with us that had done it before. I think we would then have felt a bit more comfortable.

Anyway it was a really lekker day outing. We will have to go back one day to tick the summit off the list.
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