Floral Kingdom part II

16 Mar 2020 14:45 #75764 by Serious tribe
So this time is was a hike to Pillar Cave Annex for some friends from San Louis Obispo California and my dear wife.  It was great to stay in tis cave again as i haven't for many years.  It does appear that there was a minor hurricane that must have come through there at some time as a lot of the trees outside the cave have been taken out.  Though some seem to have been cut with a saw, not sure what is going on with that.

It was  a great little trip with some interesting water crossings.  We also had very hectic wind at night (strange for January)which lead to us the first night at least, having grot everywhere.  The second night we took our plastic taps and weighted them down with rocks outside the path that runs in front of the cave, that certainly seemed to help.

So please enjoy some more beautiful flowers and some scenic images as well.




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17 Mar 2020 09:54 #75767 by GetaPix
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Beautiful work Karl. Thanks for sharing. The berg is truly amazing on so many levels and one cannot explore it enough nor stop being amazed by it's beauty - from mountains to every flower and critter around
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