X-Berg Challenge

11 Feb 2013 17:50 #56014 by Stijn
X-Berg Challenge was created by Stijn
How's this for an interesting race concept: www.ar.co.za/new/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/xberg_220313.pdf

I've followed the Red Bull Trans-Alps event for the last few years and it's great to watch the strategy unfolding between athletes choosing to hike or fly. Some take a chance and gain serious altitude on foot hoping for a good launch and many kilometers in the air, while others slog it out in the valley when flying conditions are marginal.

For the local event, I think the hikers/runners stand the least chance... The paragliders will need to rely on luck for good flying conditions, but the cyclists should easily be able to make ground on the long legs between turnpoints.

- The cyclists will already have a massive lead at the first turnpoint (Sentinel) as you can ride pretty much all the way there from Oliviershoek Pass.

- Then the runners might gain a bit by taking a direct line to the Mnweni turnpoint (hard to tell where exactly it is) as the cyclists will have to go around.

- The Mnweni to Cathedral Peak leg will favour the runners again as the cyclists will have to do a good deal of hiking after riding all the way around anyway.

- Cathedral Peak to Matterhorn should favour the cyclists (40-50km trail run/hike vs. 100km ride on tar/gravel?)

- Even if the runners have a substantial lead at the Matterhorn, it should be obliterated by the cyclists on the looong leg to Underberg.

Should be fun to watch!

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06 Apr 2018 11:46 #73129 by dangerdave
Replied by dangerdave on topic X-Berg Challenge
So who is all in for 2018?

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