A Journey to find myself a GT story

24 May 2020 14:26 #75833 by Dynamodave
Finally, after 7 years, I ave found the nerve and courage to put my first Grand Traverse into words. I was 15 when I did it and was taught many lessons by the Mountains.
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25 May 2020 11:45 #75834 by AdrianT
Thank you sharing this Dave, a very noteworthy journey to travel. Not only in terms of the GT, but also of life. It takes great courage to write about those things - well done. You have certainly overcome a great deal. And when open up about these things, you'll find you meet other people who feel the same as you even though you may have thought you were all alone. I too don't like social activities up to this day,  and large crowds and noise also make me anxious. I refused sports at school, yet I run almost every day now. I'm 38 now - life always finds a way. Keep up the writing, running and hiking. The outdoors is a great healer.  
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25 May 2020 17:55 - 25 May 2020 17:58 #75835 by tonymarshall
Thank you Dave, a noteworthy journey and touching and inspiring story of your journey.

I had the pleasure of meeting you on the Didima Gorge hike in December 2011, and although I have probably not thought much of that incident since then, you telling the story of the forgotten food has brought back the memories of that day as if was a week ago. I can clearly remember your determination to come on the hike while your brother waited for your mom to come and collect him as we prepared to leave on the hike. I thought to myself, 'That kid's got guts, it would have been so easy just to go home with his brother, but he's coming on a hike with a lot of strangers.' In fact, everyone else on that hike thought exactly the same, and my pal Ruan and I talked a lot about you on that hike. I never knew, until now, what was playing out with the forgotten food and Ben withdrawing from that hike.

Some photos - ready to depart after a visit to Leopard Cave, note the extra tent on Dave G's pack.

A group photo at our stop at Cambalala House on the way out to say hello to the hikers spending the weekend in the hut, from left to right Sonja, Ruan, Tony, Tish, Roger, Dave and Dave G.

You have probably long forgotten me, I don't think we have ever hiked together again, but over the years I have taken note of your first GT in the MBC magazine, have heard from friends of your other hikes, and more recently have seen and greeted you at Mnweni Marathons (noting how the skinny kid was now a strapping young man and a much better runner than me), and reading about your hikes on VE.

Well done on the incredible journey the mountains and your life choices have brought you on. 

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